Emergency Plumbing Tips

It’s Friday night, the sink is overflowing and the garbage disposal blew up.  That is one of the many reasons that plumbers get called out to provide emergency services after hours.  Having overflowing sinks, toilets or floods in your home constitute an emergency and getting an emergency plumber in to fix the issue is imperative. Here are some emergency plumbing tips make sure to have a plumbing inspection once a year that will get you through any crisis and get your home back to normal quickly.

Emergency Plumbing Tips

Emergencies Never Happen During Business Hours

Plumbing companies, like any other business tend to operate Monday through Friday and keep daytime business hours.  Does an emergency happen at 2 in the afternoon?  Very rarely.  Most often you find yourself with a plumbing emergency when you get home from work, long after business hours are over.  That doesn’t mean that your emergency can wait until the next business day, in fact most of the time it’s crucial to get it fixed right away.  If you wait all weekend with a house full of water or sewage you could end up with permanent or structural damage.  You need a plumber now!

What Does an Emergency Plumber Fix?

While an emergency plumber can fix any issue that you have, you only want to call them when you need help urgently, not for regular maintenance or an issue that can wait until next week.  They usually come out to your home for issues such as broken pipes, water stoppages, clogs, or water supply lines.  You want them to come for something that if it isn’t dealt with right now could cause permanent damage to your home.  Regular maintenance can wait until business hours.  Here are the times on when to call an emergency plumber.

Fast and Convenient Service

Emergency plumbing services are fast and convenient, they get to your home promptly and get the repairs done as fast as possible. Don’t risk permanent damage to your home but waiting, you could end up spending ten times as much down the road.  Here is an example, a leaking toilet can damage the floorboards underneath and now you need your entire bathroom replaced rather than just the toilet.  Fixing the problem immediately will cost you far less in the long run.

Regular Maintenance is a Must

Emergency plumbers can charge a premium for their services and if you want to avoid paying that premium then regular maintenance is key.  Most people ignore their plumbing until a pipe bursts at 2 in the morning and they need to pay an emergency plumber to come out and fix it.  The best way to handle an emergency is to avoid having one altogether.  Maintenance will make sure that there are no small leaks that can turn into big catastrophes in the future.… Read the rest