Sewer Line Leak Detection

If you’ve ever heard of sewer line leak detection, you’re probably wondering how it works. In reality, there are many ways to detect these leaks, including locating them with a camera. Plumbing Utah offers services that use the latest technology to pinpoint where the leak is and find the source. Plumbing Utah uses camera equipment, infrared technology, and even tracer gas to pinpoint leaks. These technologies can even detect leaks that are under the earth.

What Is The Most Effective Leak Detection Method

The most effective method of leak detection is a combination of pumps, water hoses, test balls, and cameras. These tools allow plumbers to find large breaks and roots, but cannot detect smaller ones. The plumber will first plug each line with test balls, then fill the system with water to determine whether or not it is holding water. If the camera shows that water is present, the plumber will begin the leak detection process. Otherwise, a plumber may use more traditional methods, such as probing the pipes with a magnet or other device.

Another method of leak detection uses CCTV video inspection cameras. The camera will enter the sewer pipe to look for obstructions, and it will also examine any air pockets that form during the filling process. This method sends a signal to the surface, which the plumber can hear and see. The next step in leak detection is static leak isolation testing. These methods will be necessary only if there is a significant leak. If you suspect a leak in the sewer line, call a plumber immediately!

Another way to detect sewer line leaks is to look for signs of mold. If you see mold, it is a warning sign that the pipe is not working properly. Mold needs moisture to grow, so if you find mold around a sewer line, it’s time to call a plumber for repairs. Taking care of the problem early is the best way to minimize costly repairs later. If you suspect sewer line leaks due to pipe corrosion, call a plumber immediately.

Signs Of Sewage Problems

You can also check for leaks by looking for slow-draining water. This symptom may be a sign of an extended residence. Most homeowners might dismiss it as a simple clog. A minor blockage might clear up on its own, but if it happens more often, it could damage your sewer pipe and need professional help to solve the problem. Always remember to use drain strainers to catch debris that might cause a problem.

In addition to checking for hidden problems, you can also perform regular inspections of pipes in your home. Taking a look under the sink and around the perimeter of the property can give you the first clues of sewer leaks. Constantly running water could be an indicator that a sewer leak is present. A damp spot on a carpet can also mean a sewer leak. To avoid any future inconvenience, call Peerless Plumbing for residential sewer line leak detection services.

Another simple test is to use food dye. A food dye or clothing dye can be used. Make sure the dye is an unmistakable color. Add a small amount to one fixture at a time, such as the toilet. Wait for a few minutes for the dye to appear, but if you notice it after a few hours, then your sewer leak detection service is on its way. There is no need to wait until the problem gets worse or your sewer line has burst.