North Richland Hills, Texas

North Richland Hills is a booming city inside Tarrant County, Texas. It is very neighborly family friendly city with parks, schools and many more amenities.

North Richland Hills Texas is located in Richland County in south central Texas, just east of the Dallas North Richland Plano. The city is bordered on three sides by Fort Worth, although the east side is in what is known as DFW Metroplex. North Richland Hills had a long history in Fort Worth dating back to the late 1800s, when it became popular cattle ranching and farming town. It is today a modern community that offers a unique blend of American and European culture with strong ties to its heritage.

North Richland Hills boasts a rich history. The first settlers began coming to the area in the late 1800s because of the natural beauty of the land and the availability of good grass. Now a popular tourist destination, North Richland Hills is known for its wide variety of shops, diners, bars and restaurants. The weather is just perfect year round, so you can visit year-round.

A few short miles from downtown Fort Worth, lies the DFW Metroplex. This sprawling shopping and restaurant complex is home to the largest collection of malls in all of Texas. With hundreds of retailers, restaurants, and hotels, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your budget! The DFW area is also home to three major public schools, including Domingue High School. North Richland Hills is only about a half-hour drive to Fort Worth’s public elementary schools, making it easy to get to both schools.

North Richland Hills is known for its wide variety of outdoor activities. If you love to hike, enjoy beautiful nature walks or play sports, there is a sport for you in North Richland Hills. The Banderoll Parklands Zoo is just a short distance from downtown, as is the Ballet Barrows Park. You can also spend a fun day learning about the rich history of the area at Ballet Barrows High School, a historic school that has recently been turned into a museum!

North Richland Hills is conveniently located to all of Downtown Fort Worth’s entertainment venues. If you enjoy rodeo, theatre, comedy clubs, or even dog racing, you will be just minutes away from it all. Entertainment is also close by with the highly regarded North Arlington Theatre and Dance Palace. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is also only a few minutes away, as is the epicenter of blues, jazz and gospel music in Fort Worth! North Richland Hills is home to a great selection of dining establishments, with specialty restaurants such as Jack’s Place and Capri Theatre, which have been featured in some of Texas’ top attractions, including the rodeo.

The proximity of North Richland Hills Texas to the world-class attractions of downtown Fort Worth to make it a wonderful place to live. It is within a short driving distance to all the best North Texas attractions, including the three major Texas theme parks: Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the new Ford Farm. North Richland Hills is close enough to all the action that you can be sure to always be one step ahead of the game! If you are looking for a North Richland Hills Texas real estate market, now is the time to look!

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