Cottonwood Valley Neighborhood

The Cottonwood Valley neighborhood is located in Irving, Texas. It is mainly made up of large homes that are reasonably priced. The community has been around for over 30 years and is still growing and developing. If you are looking for a safe neighborhood that is family-oriented and clean, this is a neighborhood you want to look at when you are planning on moving to Irving.

The neighborhood leans on the upscale side and it has a lot of homes that are expensive, though you will find town homes and more affordable homes in the neighborhood as well. If you are looking for a larger home you will have plenty of choices because most of these homes are huge. You will find many homes that are a million dollars and over. If you are looking for a huge home, you will want to consider this neighborhood.

There are lots of different amenities in the neighborhood that you can choose from. There are parks and other amenities that you can walk to and there are plenty of playgrounds for the kids. This neighborhood is very safe and you can spend a lot of time letting your kids play in the parks since it is a safe place to be.

The schools are fantastic and there are great public and private options for the kids. The neighborhood is easy to get around in and it is close to the freeway so you can easily get around and do the things you need to do. If you want to be somewhere safe and that has a lot of different things to do you will enjoy this neighborhood.

This neighborhood is very popular and the community is welcoming and friendly. The neighborhood is very dog-friendly and you will fit right in if you have a dog.

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