About The Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

As a part of the Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas area, the City of Denton has a lot to offer. The cost of living is relatively low and the proximity to a major metropolis like Dallas makes it a great place to find work, recreation, and relaxation. One site located within Denton is the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center. This natural park allows visitors a chance to explore the great outdoors and learn about the environment as they do.

With nearly 3000 acres of hardwood forest and a location between Clear Creek and Trinity River’s Elm Fork, this place is filled with natural wonder. It gives visitors a great chance to hike through the area and learn about ecology. In fact, according to the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center website, the objective of the organization is to educate and inspire people of all ages about the importance and beauty of our natural world.

The area offers over 10 miles of hiking trails. All of them are perfect for families, beginner hikers and those looking for a place to view wetlands where plenty of waterfowl live. There are herons, beavers and other creatures waiting to be viewed here. The best place for seeing the waterfowl is the Fisherman’s Trail which reaches Elm Fork.

For anyone wanting to view the beauty of the bottomland forest, Old Wetlands and High Trail hiking trails are the ones to walk. You can go through thickly forested areas where you will enjoy the peace and quiet and a chance to see birds and other wildlife living in their natural habitat. Runners will love these trails because they provide over three miles of space to run along.

Anyone who wants to get a guided hike is welcome to book time with one of the trained Master Naturalists. These professional hikers and environmental experts are ready to guide groups through some of the more hidden gems of grasses, trees, flowers and more. They help hikers learn more about the ecology of the area which is designated as the Cross Timbers eco-region.

Guided hikes are free of charge. Dogs are also welcome along the hiking trails but be sure to keep them on leashes and, as always, bring water, bug repellant, and sunscreen. Wear close-toed shoes along all the trails, too. The Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is perfect for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure whether they are new to Denton or long-term residents.

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