About The Bayless Selby House Museum

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the past? If you visit the Bayless Selby House Museum in Denton, TX, you’ll get a glimpse of what life was like all the way back in 1908. This museum is one of Denton’s most popular attractions, and it’s definitely a location that’s worth visiting.

The House Is Beautiful

This is a Queen Anne-style house with a very unique appearance. Because the house was built more than a century ago, it looks very different from the houses of today. The house has also been carefully maintained. It looks as beautiful now as it did when it first built.

If you like to look at pretty houses, you’ll really enjoy visiting this house. Every room is decorated perfectly, and there are plenty of opportunities for photos. The house is located in a park, which means you’ll be able to admire it from both the inside and the outside.

The House Has A Fascinating History

Any house that has been standing this long is going to have a history behind it, and this house is no exception. If you go through a tour of the house, you’ll be able to learn about the people that lived in this mansion in the past. You’ll also be able to ask questions if you have them.

There are also a number of legends involving the house. Some people have told ghost stories about the Bayless house. You might want to look into some of these stories before you visit the house for the first time; they could wind up enhancing your experience.

You’ll Want To Visit Early

If you’re planning an evening visit to this house, you’re going to have to change your plans. The house typically closes in the afternoon. You might not be able to stop by this museum if you arrive after 2 PM.

Some attractions in the Denton area have longer hours, and your best bet will be to plan around that. You can stop by this house in the morning, and you can see some of the other sights in the area later on in the day.

The Bayless Selby House Museum is definitely a place that you’ll want to check out if you’re in Denton, TX. It’s an amazing house, and it’s certainly something that you’ll appreciate seeing. Read up on the house ahead of time, and you’ll really be able to appreciate everything that you’re seeing.

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