About The Dallas World Aquarium

Visitors to Dallas, Texas are spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment options. Visitors cand elve into one of the historical events that shaped the world as we know it today at the ‘The Sixth Floor Museum’ situated at the old Texas Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shot that killed President Kennedy, those with an interest in culture can visit the Dallas Museum of Art while the mythos of the West can be explored at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo. However, for those families with children – or for those with an interest in flora and fauna a visit to the Dallas World Aquarium should certainly be on their destination bucket list when visiting Dallas.

The Dallas World Aquarium is much more than an opportunity to view and learn about aquatic flora and fauna – it is an experience that reveals the wonders of a variety of ecosystems. Visitors start off in the Rainforest exhibit where birds from these unique ecosystems are the stars of the treetop show. Further exploration will reveal the presence of animals such as two and three-toed sloths.

The conservation projects that are undertaken by the Dallas World Aquarium are particularly noteworthy. Endangered species such as the Orinoco Crocodile Giant River Otters and the fascinating Antillean Manatee, as well as a variety of endangered primate species, find safe haven at the Aquarium. Visitors are afforded the opportunity o learn more about the habits – and habitats of these species and the threats that they face in the wild.

The exhibits focusing on aquatic habitats are a delight for both young and old. Animals such as the Black-footed and Blue penguins provide the younger members of the party with information about these inhabitants of the waters and seas of sub-Saharan Africa while a myriad of marine species such as Japanese Crabs and Seadragons provide a sense of wonder for all visitors. There are also the ever-popular exhibits featuring sharks and rays – all presented in settings that closely resemble their natural habitat of the Mundo Maya cenote.

The animals (such as reptiles and amphibians) that played such an important part in Maya culture also have pride of place in the exhibits.

The Dallas World Aquarium overflows with wonder and a visit combines education with simple fun – it is a place where families can wander across ecosystems and experience the joy of seeing the natural world presented in a way that encourages further exploration.

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