About Reunion Tower

Dallas looks pretty impressive from the ground below, but it’s even more amazing when you can see it from a high height. If you’d like a better view of the city, you should take a trip to Reunion Tower. The observation deck here provides a picture-perfect view of Dallas.

The Views Here Are Incredible

The number one reason people come to this tower is the views. When you’re on the observation deck, you’ll have an amazing view of Dallas. As you look around, you’ll be able to notice things that you could never see from the sidewalk.

If you appreciate a good view, then it’s worth setting aside some time so that you can see this tour. There are even binoculars you can use so that you can see even more of the city. By the time you’re ready to head back down to the ground, you’ll have a much stronger appreciation for Dallas.

It’s A Great Place To Pick Up Souvenirs

If you’re a tourist, and you’re looking to pick up a few small souvenirs to give to your friends and family back home, you’ll find a lot of options here. The tower is home to a gift shop that’s filled with souvenirs that you could only buy in Dallas.

While you can take pictures that will help you remember your visit to Dallas, it can be nice to have a few extra items to bring along with you when you’re ready to head home. You’ll find lots of great items in the gift shop.

You Can Dine In The Sky Here

Seeing the view from the observation deck is one thing, and looking at these views while you eat a delicious meal is something else entirely. If you’re hoping to have a special night out in Dallas, there are two different restaurants in Reunion Tower.

Both of these restaurants have spectacular views, and they have lots of tasty dishes on their menus as well. If you look at a few reviews for these restaurants, you’ll see that they are highly recommended by people that live and work in the area.

If you’re sick of looking at Dallas from the sidewalk, and you’re not afraid of heights, why not stop by Reunion Tower. It’s the best place to go if you want to see more of Dallas. Make sure you check out the gift shop and the restaurants here as well!

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