Original Town Carrollton, TX

Original Town is located in Carrollton Texas. This neighborhood is home to a number of restaurants and hotels. This brief travel guide will discuss a few of them, as well as what things you can do nearby.

Things To Do Nearby
Although there isn’t any major attractions in Original Town, you can do a bit of shopping and dining or by going to nearby attractions. Some of the top attractions in the nearby area include Sandy Lake Road, Historic Downtown Carrollton and the Sri Guruvayu Temple. Also in the nearby area are various parks you can visit if you want to enjoy scenery or have a picnic.

There are many types of restaurants in Original Town. It doesn’t matter what you’re craving, you’ll find a restaurant that serves it. Some of the restaurants in the neighborhood include the Coconut Thai Grill, Hon Sushi and Cane Rosso. Other restaurants include Old House BBQ, Caribbean Cuba, Pupusas Doria Lola and Tasty Greek.

Those are a handful of restaurants in the area. Many of them have websites you can visit. Go to them to view what kind of offerings they have and then decide where to eat.

If you visit Original Town, you have several places you can stay at. The Lone Star Inn is one of them, and another place is the Rodeway Inn. A third popular choice is the Red Roof Inn. All three of those hotels have their own set of benefits of staying there, so compare each one before booking a room at the hotel of your choice.

Those are a few of the activities you can do while in Original Town. As you can see, there are also various restaurants and hotels you can go to. All you have to do now is make your way to Original Town and spend a few days there.

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