About Mary Heads Carter Park

Mary Heads Carter Park is a family-friendly park located in Carrollton, TX. The park is clean and spacious and has something for everyone, not just kids but adults too. There is a short walking trail which loops around the park and that is popular with people looking to relax on their lunch break or get a bit of exercise in. There are slides and climbing frames for the kids, and the park has fake grass instead of mulch, which means that it’s always clean and tidy, and nice for the kids to play on.

There is bike parking on site, and the bulk of the play area has umbrellas, so there is a shade to relax in while your children are playing. This can be quite important during the summer! The trail takes you past an iron bridge over the creek, and to a small pond where you will find ducks for the kids to feed. The pavilion in the park is suitable for parties, and there are restrooms on site too.

Most of the year, the parks are great for families to visit and quiet enough to enjoy. It can get crowded during the spring break, however. In addition, weekends are naturally much busier than weekdays.

There are dog stations all over the park, and they are stocked with poop bags, and cleaned regularly, making this one of the cleaner and nicer parks for people to visit. If you are a dog owner then take advantage of these and do your bit to keep the park nice for others.

Suitable for All Ages

This park is suitable for adults and kids of all ages, with structures in the play area designed for little ones and big kids alike. Adults will appreciate the amenities and the cleanliness, and the atmosphere is generally good. If you are looking for a safe place to take your kids after school or to kill some time during the holidays and run off some energy before you go shopping, then Mary Heads Carter Park is a good choice. The area is very well maintained and the jungle gym is something that even older kids will enjoy. It’s hard to find places that kids will like playing at these days, but this is a good choice.

The only criticism that some people have is the way the toilets are designed to be almost open-plan, rather than having doors on the stalls.

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