Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton, TX is a booming city in the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex.

Carrollton, a small community is known for its beautiful scenery, and for the quality of education that are available. The area is known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex because of its close proximity to the city of Dallas. Many families choose to raise their children in this charming area because of the great schools and extracurricular activities that are offered. There are several great places to find residential homes in Carrollton including luxury homes and community homes that are perfect for families with growing children.

Carrollton is located approximately twenty miles west of Dallas. A short drive from the city of Dallas, and less than a two hour drive to Forth Worth, Dallas’ sister city, this small school district is perfect for families who want a setting closer to home. This is the second most populous school district in Dallas, after the Dallas Schools.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is comprised of five school districts: Denton ISD, Collierville Schools, Copperbelt School District, De La Salle Schools, and Lanier Schools. The two largest school districts, Denton and Copperbelt, are both within the Dallas Schools. If you live in Dallas proper, you will be able to travel to all of the aforementioned districts, but if you prefer to be close to your home, you can live in one of the many communities surrounding the three main schools. Living in these communities gives parents the option of being closer to their children while still being able to enjoy the amazing Dallas scenery that is so synonymous with the state of Texas.

Homes in the communities surrounding the campuses of the Dallas Schools are some of the most luxurious in the state. Many of the homes are built with hardwood floors and have the classic elements of a southern plantation or town square. Character architecture pervades the architectural styles of many of the homes, including bay windows, gables, and ornate grills. The intricate detailing and architectural details found in the homes of Carrollton reflect the rich history and heritage of the area. Many of the homes have been restored and offer a taste of what life was like around the original settlers of thecoon communities of Irving and Carrollton back in the 1700’s.

The district also offers several sports teams including three different football teams (including one international team), as well as two basketball teams. Football games can be seen on TCbet Television Network, which is the only provider of televised college athletic events outside of the Dallas Cowboys’ football games. The basketball program is covered locally by the Fort Worth Star-News and the Dallas Morning News. The tennis and swimming programs of the Dallas County Schools are also available through Tibet.

Parents can choose from single family homes and multi-family dwellings in the areas of growth in Carrollton. The communities of Danbury, Irving and Carrollton are growing at a very fast pace, making it more difficult for parents to choose the right schools for their children. A parent might be able to find a good school in the Danbury area, but that won’t guarantee a quality education for their child. Parents who want to live in a quiet and convenient place should consider an area that are conveniently near shopping, restaurants, parks and other attractions. Those parents with young children should consider an area with an established school system and offering pre-k education programs. For families with older children, a community with lots of activities is key, and the communities of Danbury, McWhorter, Carrollton and Rainwater are able to provide these various types of educational opportunities for their residents.

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